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Distribution Services

CDS Distribution was born out of the infrastructure and quality services delivered for over 10 years by CDS Vending Inc. The food and beverage industry which began as a collection of mom-and-pop operations to a trillion-dollar powerhouse led by huge international corporations. Familiar names like Coca-Cola, Starbucks and General Mill’s can be found in every corner of the globe. The overarching theme dominating the food and beverage industry is exploding global demand and rapidly rising food prices. The breakneck economic growth of countries such as Africa, China, India, Brazil and Vietnam gives billions of people the ability indulge in ways previously enjoyed only by those in developed nations. A massive influx of consumers onto the global food and beverage market has resulted in a rapid and sustained increase in food prices, stoking global inflation.

CDS exports food and beverages to these emerging markets. Contact us today for an international supply or distribution quote or bid.

Most corporations in the industry have seen their cost of doing business increase, biting into profit margins. CDS Distribution provides its services at a discount to market rates and includes a higher level of quality service. We understand the impact of higher cost and that these higher costs are passed, in part, onto consumers, who find their discretionary spending restricted when they must spend a larger chunk of their paycheck on food and beverages. We do our part to help our customers minimize these higher commodity costs.

Try CDS distribution to support you with traditional (Nabisco, General Mills, Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, Tyson, Mars, Sunkist, etc.) products as well as proprietary food and beverage products for export, vending, commissary or other needs.