CDS Vending

Government and Institutions:

CDS Vending is a disabled-veteran, minority owned business. It has significant experience and a deep understanding of government and military procurement requirements, educational and penal institutions. We provide vending as well as bulk food, meats, vegetables, snacks, complete meals supply and more. We provide these food products locally, nationally and globally. We understand the importance of healthy food, beverages, snacks and include healthy choices and support materials with every food order upon request.

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Health and Education

CDS Vending is committed to offering the best of healthier snack, food and beverage alternatives to our clients. Our healthy options take into consideration the need for low sugar, low and non-fat foods, low cholesteral and sodium choices. CDS Vending will work with you to create a well balanced meal plan that includes traditional product and more healthy choices.

Ask us about our Health education programs, an added value to our vending and food and beverage service programs. We help you communicate the benefits of healthy eating to your employees and customers through our comprehensive Health and Fitness information programs.

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