Personalized Service Starts With A Consultation

Our commitment to providing top-notch customer service begins at the start. With a free consultation at CDS Vending, our team will take time to understand your organization’s needs through a series of questions.

To better understand what you’re looking for in your vending service, we’ll ask questions like:

  • Are you currently working a vending provider, and if so, are you happy with them? Why or why not?
  • What would make your service better?
  • Are you interested in vending machines or micro markets for your organization?
  • What types of foods do you currently offer? What would you like to offer?
  • Do you have any special food needs (low-cholesterol, non-fat, etc.)?

This consultation will help us get to know your organization and provide the best customer service in Dallas.

Our Mission

CDS Vending is focused onVending, Micro Markets, and OCS. We are proud to serve our clients with professional food, beverage, and distribution services that are unique to each market. Meeting and exceeding your organization’s needs is our top priority.

The mission of our organization is to power organizations through the most fundamental power source: food. We bring meals and snacks to hardworking people, so they can continue to work hard for your organization. Through timely vending services, fully-operational micro markets and OCS, we help provide an essential tool to your organization so everyone can be empowered to be productive.


Core Values

Our primary value is a fervent desire to assist our customers in meeting their unique goals. We demonstrate our customer-first philosophy through:

  • Personalized service
  • Leveraging partnerships to broaden our scope of services
  • Tailoring our service to our customers needs


Vision Statement

The vision of CDS Vending has remained steadfast since we first began in 1999: serving our customers with timely vending services with a personalized touch. Our vision is to continue to serve our country through powerful customer relationships and valuable business partnerships.

NAIC CODES. 722310,238290,454210,492110

Cage Code – 1UKG7

Dunn # – 010401466